​Seminar Schedule

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Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel

Tuesday, March 1

Session 1- Panel: "Seafarers' Welfare in the Caribbean: An Overview" 

- Dr. Jason Zuidema - "Seafarers' Welfare in the Caribbean"

- Capt. Jerry Pannell - "The Challenge of Sailing in the Caribbean"

- Stuart Rivers - "Sailors' Society, the Caribbean and the meeting the challenges of Globalization"

- Fr. Ron Perkins - "Seafarers' House Fort Lauderdale"

Session 2 - Prof. Hugh Williamson, "Piracy and Migration by Sea in the Caribbean"

Wednesday, March 2

Session 3 - Panel - "Seafarers' Welfare Structures: Best Practices" 

- Lilliam Alvarado - "Seafarers House San Juan"

- Rev'd Canon Ken Peters - "The Mission to Seafarers in the Caribbean"

- Darion Lake - "Establishing a Port Welfare Committee in the Caribbean"

Session 4 - Panel: "Crew Welfare" 

- Donnie Brown (CLIA) - "Cruise Ship Crew Welfare"

​- CDR Bradley Clare (USCG) - "Maritime Security and Environment"

- Tony Sasso (ITF) - "Seafarers unions and seafarers' welfare"

Session 5 - Panel: "New Resources for Seafarers' Welfare"

- Peter Tomlin (MNWB) - "Port Levies and Seafarers Welfare"

​- Paul Langham (Sailors' Society) - "The ICMA App to coordinate ship visiting"

End of seminar program

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