NAMMA is an ecumenical, Christian association of individuals and organizations involved in maritime ministry throughout North America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Founded in 1932 as the National Group of Seamen’s Agencies, it was renamed NAMMA in 1991. Its mission is to provide a framework to support and assist port chaplains and others in their ministry to the spiritual, moral, human rights, and physical concerns of mariners and all others in the maritime community.
NAMMA helps equip port chaplains with the resources needed to carry on their ministry. It acts as a consultant and coordinator for services and training, as well as providing standards for these services.
NAMMA includes many ministries from a wide variety of denominations, as well as the maritime ministries of North America.  NAMMA's members include 45 major maritime ministry agencies and approximately 150 member chaplains.


News updates help our members stay in touch with developments in the world of shipping.


Resources for Christian maritime ministries to joyfully accomplish their mission.


​Keeps local ministries plugged into the international resources that build their capacity.

Our Programs

NAMMA exists to provide a network for encouragement, training, and coordination of ministries that serve port communities in North America.


Annual and regional conferences and courses keep our ministries up-to-date.

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NAMMA serves as the North American Region of ICMA: 

An Ecumenical Network to Serve Port Communities

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